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Retail Audio Broadcasting

We can help create your very own private label radio station... where you can control the music, announcements and even commercials. If your store or chain could benefit from having professional announcers communicating with your customers, let us show you how this solution will drive increased profits.

This is a great solution when the audience can be reached with more than just music. The music and the professional announcements would be highly customized where the audio brand and announcer delivery would be matched to the image of the store.

What do you have to say to shoppers in your store?

Research Proves The Value

Arbitron is an international media and marketing research company. Their research in Retail Media shows:

  • 70% of shoppers who recall hearing in-store advertising find the announcements to be helpful
  • More than 40% of shoppers made an unplanned purchase after hearing a Retail Audio advertisement
  • 67% of shoppers in the 18-49 demographic recall having heard music playing during a grocery store or drugstore visit.
  • 54% of the shoppers who recall hearing retail audio also recall hearing commercials or promotional announcements
Download the entire study here to learn more.

If your business needs a telephone on hold message too, visit our affiliated company Thanks For Holding.